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Bratin Dhar

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Toronto, Canada

Praveen Rajpal

Mumbai, India

MANTRA's Services

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Technology Solutions

Stay ahead with our tech-driven solutions for growth, innovation, and efficiency in today's digital era. Start with a clear vision, avoid wasteful solutions that create little impact, and embrace simplicity and agility.​ Think Evolution, not Revolution.

Digital Branding

Digital Branding services not only include website development but also a comprehensive strategy for online reputation management, ensuring a consistent and impactful digital presence.

Business Services

MANTRA can help run your operations and take care of the many mundane but important things you need to do. Save on labor and infrastructure costs, get access to specialized teams and the latest technology without having to make large investments.

What is more, we work local business hours and provide strategic guidance on best practices. Easily scale your operations as your business.


With our many years of industry association, we have access to large pools of talent in India and locally.

We can help you access specialized skills, provide fractional teams if you need and help you save on labor and infrastructure costs and time.

Data to Decisions

Get contextual and actionable intelligence​ for empowered decision-making.

Accessing data for decision-making is vital, and correctly interpreting that data is crucial.

We specialize in seamlessly integrating data from diverse systems, ensuring its security, and crafting predictive models and analytics.

MANTRA empowers you to transform data into informed decisions.

Technology and Strategy Consulting

Before you take the plunge, have a clear idea of the road ahead. Technology solutions will work only when built on strong supporting business processes.

MANTRA can help you identify those opportunities, inflection points, and bottlenecks. Remove the guessing and work with us to benefit from our technology & strategy consulting.

Your Trusted Partner

Your One Stop Shop

We understand!

Running a small business is difficult and there are so many things to keep in mind: Managing Working Capital, keeping in touch with Technology, Retaining Talent, Data Security, Retaining Customers, Regulation and Compliance, Marketing, and Competition. MANTRA is your trusted partner and will help you with all of these and free you up to focus on your core business. One call to MANTRA, one single affordable Payment, MANTRA acts as your trusted division and partner.

Let MANTRA simplify your business journey!

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